Capturing Intimacy: A Journey into Steamy Couples Photography

romantic photography session

In the world of photography, there exists a realm where artistry meets intimacy, where moments are frozen in time, and where the connection between two souls is immortalized in images. This is the realm of steamy couples photography, where passion, love, and raw emotions intertwine to create captivating visual narratives. Join us on a journey...

Preparing For A Successful Newborn Photoshoot

newborn photoshoot baby pose

I’m often asked, “Can you give us any tips for preparing for a successful newborn photoshoot?”  The answer: ABSOLUTELY!  Before your newborn session I send out a prep email detailing ways you can prepare to help get baby sleepy and what to expect in the studio.  While this is not my detailed email, the info...

Couple’s Laundromat Session

Couple's Laundromat Session

Looking for something different, something fun to do for a date night?  How ’bout a Couple’s Laundromat Session with yours truly?  Yes, I’m serious.  They are so much fun!  Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself.     Are you serious? A Couple’s Laundromat Session? Did the pictures not just answer that question?  Yes,...

Intimate Maternity Session

Intimate Maternity Session with Jen Jacobowitz Photography

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that the way in which I capture and document your most precious moments has shifted over the years.  My heart’s desire has led me to go beyond the poses and seek more intimate storytelling moments with my clients.  Case in point, the intimate maternity session...

Richmond’s Maternity, Newborn & Family Photographer

family photography

  Let me introduce myself for those that have just found my little corner of the World Wide Web.  I’m Jen, Richmond’s Maternity, Newborn & Family Photographer.  I wanted to give you a deeper look into who it is that you are trusting with your family memories.  I’m Jen.  Last name Jacobowitz…. ja -co-ba-witz.  Before...

Fall Family Sessions at Historic Tuckahoe

Fall Family Session at Historic tuckahoe

This year Jen Jacobowitz Photography held Limited Edition Fall Family Sessions at Historic Tuckahoe.  And it was EPIC.  I had so many returning clients and new ones that are now friends.  I am excited to see them all again this year but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying a bit of...

Professional Newborn Portrait Session

Aiden’s organic professional newborn portrait session was what dreams are made of. Organic and professional newborn portrait session aren’t usually two terms you hear used together. However, that is what is what each Jen Jacobowitz Photography session consist of. You get a professional with years of experience in client relations, newborn care, camera settings and...

Straight Outta NICU: Lux’s Baby Photography Session

baby. photography session

Meet Lux. This is the story of his baby photography session.  This super cuddly, cheeks for days, precious baby has had a rough start to life. Like many of us, 2020 has thrown him and his family some curve balls. For starters, Lux’s entry into this world was a bit early. Though things seemed fine...

Libby Hill Family Session with the Youngs | Richmond, VA

Libby Hill Family Session

My Libby Hill Family Session with the Young’s was what dreams are made of. My first two “go-to” places had me thinking this session was going to be a bust. I was discouraged by a man washing his car in my staple sidewalk scene and again when I found out that the gorgeous “secret garden”...

Waterside Photography Session | Hopewell, Virginia

waterside photography session

My new favorite location… waterside… within 40 minutes. I’ll be honest, this waterside photography session didn’t go exactly as I had hoped. As always, however, beautiful moments were captured and memories were created. We started off great. It was a chilly, windy evening and the littlest Nettemyer was happy to be wrapped up in my...


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